The 10 tips for success with physiotherapy

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A questions I often get asked as a physiotherapist is how can I speed up my recovery? Heres a few tips for getting the most out of physiotherapy….

  1. Approaching physiotherapy with an open mind.
  2. Improve your understanding on how and why we feel pain.
  3. Use resources given to you and read up around the area. We retain very little information that is given to us in our first assessment.
  4. Complete exercises as prescribed. Not just when you remember/feel like it. Set an alarm/diary. If you wanted to run a marathon you couldn’t get ‘fit’ to do it by sitting at home on the couch.
  5. Progress as your body allows and spend time with your physio understanding when you can push through pain and when you should take things more gently.
  6. Taking note of what aggravates / eases pain.  Movement, stress, time of day?
  7. FITT principle : frequency, intensity, time or type. Change ONE variable at a time to allow optimal progression without irritation.
  8. Allow time. Bodies are incredible. If you find this hard to believe watch the video below. The body can withstand incredible forces and repair structures that you would thing are irreparable. Give it time let it do its job.
  9. Hollistic. Take an objective view on your life and consider all factors ie stress, job, other illnesses, dependents, sleep.  These can cause hormonal/chemical changes in the body ,which can affect pain/healing so consider CBT, counselling or mindfulness to achieve long term goals.
  10. As a general rule you should see improvement in symptoms  within 3-4 sessions(if completed the exercises as prescribed).
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