4 Tips to improve your service: Managers

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 4 tips to improve your service: Physio Managers

1. Allocate half an hour per week for each physio to choose a patient and perform a quick literature review on their condition to see if there is any recent evidence. Bullet points should be listed and uploaded to a communal data base (or Physiowizz) for others to benefit and learn. This will allow practitioners to keep up to date with research but also will improve efficiency by using cutting edge treatments which have been proven to be more effective. How many people are still recommending corticosteroid injection for tennis elbow? Too many !

(Ok short term benefit but increases likelihood of reoccurrence long term… Read more here. Plenty of other examples…  Learn. Share. Develop.

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2. Two weekly reviews with employees will allow you to get to grips with how they are feeling, performing and whether there are any issues to resolve.  Identifying areas of stress and resolving these will reduce sick leave and allow your staff to work efficiently and provide better quality of care.

The biggest motivators are recognition from a leader and trusting a leader.  People are more likely to be motivated to move forward if they feel their work is recognized and their feel connected with their employer. A meeting provides a great opportunity to give feedback and discuss progress.

3.  Your success depends on the success of your colleagues therefore listen to them, train if needed and allow room for development and individuality as part of the team. 

4. Set a plan. The classic “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  Break down short and long term goals and which areas of the service you wish to change/grow. Clear guidelines will make this goal more easily achievable.

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