5 Reasons to turn your phone on silent during meetings

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 A quick observation from a meeting today.

How many times a week do you get a phone going off in clinic? Once/twice maybe? Well how often do you think “Why have they even got it switched on?” Its 30 minutes who could they desperately need to speak to in that time? Do they appreciate my time?

Now lets turn it around….. you’re in a meeting with fellow colleagues. Today, in our meeting, three phones went off. Three?! Not even just a little vibrate but a full on high volume laugh laugh ring tone. So here it is 5 reasons to turn your phone off….

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1. Its rude. By attending the meeting you are committing to give your attention to that group for a set period of time. By allowing your phone to go off and disrupting other people’s thought processes and concentration is not acceptable. If you have an urgent call that you may have to take thats fine.  Notify the meeting lead to give them a heads up, leave your phone on silent and slip out of the room to have that conversation in a private location when you feel it vibrate…… NOT wait for “Hit me baby one more time” to belt out.

2. It promotes poor dynamics of the group. When your phone goes off in a meeting others within that meeting may feel that you do not appreciate their time. It creates a feeling that you have other things and people who are more important or who are higher in your priorities.

3. Its Unprofessional. The CSP guidelines Rule 8 talks about how physiotherapists should adhere to professional standards at all times.  You wouldn’t answer a phone/text in front of a client or a one on one meeting with a senior member.  When comparing ourselves to other professions they would expect the same etiquette. Maintaining high standards in our profession is so important for our reputation to the public and setting examples for those coming through.

4. It never goes unnoticed. Even if the group lead doesn’t spot it others will. One of the biggest motivators is said to be recognition. Do you want to be remembered by your peers and employer for your gentle nature with patients or for your obnoxious ringtone?

5. Career progression. The meeting I was in today had two very influential people and those people that you may want to impress if you hope to achieve and progress through the ranks. As physiotherapists we can sometimes be a little relaxed about high paid, high driven jobs but to be noticed by the right people will set you up in the future if you choose to move roles or be considered for a pay rise.

Something to think about at least ……

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