5 things to remember as a physio when using social media

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5 tips fo physios using social media

1. Your digital footprint. If you post, state, write a blog on the internet it can always be re accessed and found. This is not the place to have a blow out at the end of a long day.

2. People behave differently on social media:  People you are interacting with may say things they would probably NEVER say if they were in a room with you.  As physios we know the importance of social interaction and non verbal cues. Text is open to interpretation and can be understood, as it was not first intended. If there is a mis interpretation take the discussion somewhere private so that it is not in the public domain. Everything in the public domain affects your reputation.

3. Online is a public arena: Be mindful that patients and other professionals can read your content/ remarks. Professional codes of conduct apply I all of these areas.

4. Keep your private and public life separate. Use different accounts and remember that even when you are posting in your ‘private life’ you are still expected to uphold professional behaviour.

5. Don’t be scared of it. The digital age is an extremely exciting time and there’s so much to be learn with access to a huge amount of information!! Use it and be part of it because that’s what every other industry is doing and if you don’t embrace it you will be left behind.

photo credit: daniel_iversen via photopin cc

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