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 Patient Stories: Jan Knight on Hip OA

Nicole Jones who is a physiotherapist based at The Newbury Clinic in Berkshire would like to share a patient story. Jan Knight started physiotherapy in February this year and has kindly taken the time to write an article on her experiences of her hip pain and changes that have helped her move forward and regain her life back.

My life has changed since starting to exercise regularly and completing physio.

My hip started to become painful about 2 years ago. As I got more pain I became less active, and there was also a lot of stigma that I’m 62 and you begin thinking “well perhaps I’m 62 and this is it’

After my consultant told me the hip was not bad enough to operate and that the pain might be coming from my back and that there was nothing he could do for me. I felt he didn’t care and had more important people to look after.

I thought “I’m over weight. I’ve got a bad hip. That’s my lot. There’s nothing else anyone can do for me”

But then I thought actually, I’m only 62, life isn’t over yet I can do this, I can change.  With guidance from my physiotherapist and great reluctance and embarrassment I joined the gym. I started off slowly with 2-3 times a week and slowly began to feel better.

Whereas initially I felt like the odd one out, there were other people my age but they were all slim and fit and this made me feel  embarrassed, now they have begun talking to me and I feel like part of the club. I now attend 3-4 times a week, even on the bank holidays!!

It only takes an hour out of the day and now I feel motivated with my diet, activities for the day and also it makes you feel good about yourself.

I began to realise that although perhaps there was nothing anyone could do for me there was plenty I could do for myself.  You should never give up on yourself and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone can be very rewarding. This can be lonely at times however when I become breathless and achy at the gym I think no pain no gain.

Turning your life around can be extremely difficult particularly if you are faced with barriers of being overweight or having low self confidence.

My treatment has included acupuncture to manage pain, range of movement exercises, specific strengthening exercises for the gluts and hip stabilisers, hydrotherapy, activity modification and progressive gym work.

My physio explained at the beginning of treatment that 60% would be purely down to me.  Its tough to motivate yourself but the rewards have been worth it.

Jan Knight,  March 2013


The Physiowizz team would like to thank Jan and other patients who have taken the time to share their experiences to help physiotherapists learn and inspire others.

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