The Human Body

Illustrated origins and insertions of muscles of the human body…..

Yawn whenever you think of anatomy? Unfortunately there’s no getting around it anatomy is difficult to digest. My best advice is to attack it little and often. Throughout university I learnt a muscle a day. Dissections allow this visualisation and there are plenty on youtube. Visualisation is the key with anatomy if you know where it comes from and where it goes to this can help you work out its action. Knowing the mechanism and action of muscles is integral to clinical reasoning and addressing conditions cause by muscle imbalance.




Anatomy Videos

Muscle Structure


A great resource is provided by Health Line which offers 360 degree images of the muscles.


Muscles of the :

Standford University Clinical Anatomy Podcasts

What better way to learn anatomy than sat on the commute to university or whilst at the gym! These are all available free on ITunes just click on podcasts and click ‘Clinical Anatomy Stanford University’

Muscles of the Upper Limb


Quick Test! Try to identify the muscle and write down its origin, insertion, function and innervation. If stuck hover over the picture and it will reveal the muscles name. Failing that click on the image for answers.









Muscles of the Lower Limb

More Anatomy



Check out strengthening exercises for the rotator cuff



This information has been displayed with the kind permission of  SportsInjuryClinic and Get Body Smart who can be found at the links below:

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