Vastus Intermedius

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Vastus Intermedius         Vastus Intermedias: Origin and InsertionVastus Intermedius

Origin: Anterior and lateral surfaces of shaft of femur

Insertion: Quadriceps tendon onto base of patella and onto the tibial tuberosity via the patella tendon.

Actions: Knee extension.

Innervation: Femoral nerve (L2-4)

Daily uses: Walking upstairs. 


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Origin: Posterior surface of the scapula (below the spine of the scapula)

Insertion: Greater tuberosity on the humerus

Actions: Shoulder abduction, 
External rotation.

Innervation: Suprascapular nerve

Daily uses: Brushing hair.

Teres Minor

Origin: Mid section of the lateral border of the scapula

Insertion: Greater tuberosity on the humerus

Actions:External rotation, 
Shoulder adduction

Innervation: Axillary nerve

Daily uses: Brushing hair


Origin: Supraspinous fossa

Insertion: Greater tuberosity of the humerus

Actions: Abduction 
Stabilisation of the humerus

Innervation: Suprascapular nerve

Daily uses: Holding shopping bags away from the body

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