Conditions: Cervical Spine (Neck)

Physiotherapists treat a variety of neck conditions including vertebrobasilar insufficiency, whiplash, postural problems and peripheral neuropathies.

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Wrong car?

A fantastic little clip to remind you to spend time on your assessment to make sure you have the RIGHT diagnosis. In the age of internet searching your patient will come in with a whole list of ideas of what they have wrong with them. Do not be led astray. Consider what the patient has to say but remember even as a new grad you still have 3 years of additional knowledge in physiotherapy than most of them will. Remind yourself that pain could be caused by nerve/muscle/joint/bursa/chemical imbalances/fascia/ischemia/poor pain modulation at spinal cord/central sensitisation not to mention all the rest!!  It is normally much more complex than just a muscle strain!
Now you can always learn more but keep calm when faced with opinionated and sometimes aggressive patients. Stick to your solid assessment skills and rule out all other diagnoses. Clinically reason your treatments to the mechanism of injury, objective findings, tissue healing times and how the patient is responding to treatment. If the patient is not responding re-assessed are you trying to treat the wrong car? If pain in the knee is being referred from the back it is unlikely to improve with ultrasound and soft tissue release to the knee so if these treatments are not working it may be wise to re-assess the back to check you have not missed anything.


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