Pelvis and Hip Conditions

Difficulty with differential Diagnosis? Check out physiotherapy Hip assessments to ensure you have accurately diagnosed.

Common Conditions

This is obviously dependent on where you work. If you treat athletes such as rugby players stress fractures and quadriceps contusion will be more likely than if you work on a ward. It is important to remember that pain can be referred to the hip from the spine and SIJ so be sure to rule these out.


Less Common

Also consider:


Check out some expert podcasts for hip examination, diagnosis and advice.

26/10/11 BJSM Andew Franklyn-Miller : Biomechanical overload and lower limb injuries

PE #004: Hip Injuries and Labral tears. Nichole Hamilton.

PE #009 Lateral Hip Pain with Dr Alison Grimaldi

PE #011 Hamstring Tendinopathy with Dr Alison Grimaldi

PE #016 Preventing hamstring injuries with Dr Kristian Thorborg

Conditions of the :



‘Hip’ pain Review Article
Best Practice & Research Clinical RheumatologyVolume 17, Issue 1February 2003Pages 71-85
Josef Zacher, Angelika Gursche




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