Bicep Tenodesis – Protocol


Biceps Tenodesis

  • For damaged and partially torn long head of biceps tendon. The tendon is transposed from it’s origin on the glenoid to the humerus, with screws or anchors.



Post Operative Protocol

Post op
Day 1-3 WeeksLevel 1 Exercises

Level 2 exercises

  • Mastersling.
  • Teach postural awareness and scapular setting
  • Regain scapula & glenohumeral stability working for shoulder joint control rather than range
  • Core stabiliity exercises (as appropriate)
  • Finger, wrist and radio ulnar movements
  • Active elbow flexion & extension in standing as tolerated.
  • Active shoulder movement as tolerated
  • Avoid resisted elbow flexion and forced passive extension 


3-6 WeeksLevel 2 exercises

Progress to levels 3 exercises


  • Wean off sling
  • Assess kinetic chain control and provide exercises as required
  • Strengthen rotator cuff muscles
  • Start elbow flexion with light resistance, as tolerated
6 Weeks + Level 3 exercises


Eccentric biceps exercises with scapula control if required


Week 6 Full Active range of shoulder & elbow motion 
Week 12 Full active range of elbow and shoulder movement with dynamic scapula stability throughout range (Concentric and eccentric) 

See Post-Operative Exercises

Return to functional activities

Return to work Sedentary job: as tolerated
Manual job: 6-12 weeks *
Driving 3-6 weeks
Swimming Breaststroke: 3 weeks
Freestyle: 6 weeks
Golf 6 weeks
Lifting Light lifting can begin at 3 weeks. Avoid lifting heavy items for 3 months.
Contact Sport E.g. Horse riding, rugby, football, martial arts, racquet sports and rock climbing: 6-12 weeks*

* Depends on Consultant opinion


This information has been displayed with the kind permission of Lennard Funk, Nikki Parsons and Phil Harris who can be found at the links below:

           LENNARD FUNK


                PHIL HARRIS

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