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Question of the day and how I deal with it……


1. Patient :”I’ve seen a chiropracter and osteopath which helps for a few days but my symptoms never resolved. How are you going to help?!”

I’m sorry guys but physiotherapists have a bad press when compared to chiro’s and osteo’s. This is not because they are any necessary any better. There are good/less effective practitioners in every field. The difference is physiotherapists are slightly worse at selling ourselves. Ask anyone off the street what do physio’s do and 8/10 will reply “Run onto a sports field/ massage.” This is not their fault. WE should be educating every single person that walks into our treatment room and ‘selling’ ourselves.

How many patients discuss relatives ‘Oh little Johnny fell over at rugby training and has a very sore knee. Its been 2 months now and its still not better’ Does it hurt to politely ask “Oh that’s interesting. Where are they having their physio then?’ and when they reply ‘Oh, do you treat children/knees as well then?”

So how can you help…

Our strength is our communications skills, caring nature and fairly laid back attitude to life. I’m yet to meet a physio who isn’t caring and is jumping over the next person to make lots of money and retire at 30.  So utilise these skills. Build the rapport, educate the patient and provide information to allow the patient to cope and move forward with their injury.

Explain your treatment plan and do not forget of your manual therapy and electrotherapy techniques where appropriate. Want evidence check out the individual treatments or condition on Physiowizz. Pages are updated regularly but this is a great task and if you have any good articles please tweet/facebook them to us.

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