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Lloyd Major: GIII Acromioclavicular joint subluxation

Nicole Jones who is a physiotherapist based at The Newbury Clinic in Berkshire would like to share a patient story. Lloyd Major started physiotherapy in February this year and has kindly taken the time to write an article on his experiences and changes that have helped him move forward and get back to normal activities.

After injuring my shoulder nearly 3 years ago whilst manoeuvring heavy scaffolding poles above my head I suffered a shoulder trauma , giving me severe shoulder pains through out the day and most of the night over several weeks.  After visiting my GP  he  could see that my shoulder was damaged and that I was suffering from rotator cuff impingement and that it may heal on its own and prescribed me some anti inflammatory drugs to ease the pain and enable me to sleep at night.

I took the drugs for over 2 months until the pain subsided but quickly realised that I could no longer use my right arm in any over head position, any levering of my arm over shoulder hight caused great discomfort  which would continue well into the next day.

This situation was very difficult for me at work as I am a self employed builder , I also could no longer  throw anything such as a ball to my dog and  also had to stop swimming ,which I did on a regular basis.

After visiting my GP earlier this year for another matter I complained about the shoulder again and was offered an appointment with Nicole Jones a physio therapist through the NHS to which I agreed.

Meeting with Nicole at my local GPs surgery She carried out an examination of my shoulder and determined that I had a GIII acromioclavicular subluxation. She also recognised that I did not hold my shoulders in the correct position due to over development front shoulder/arm muscles due to the type of work that I did .

Nicole gave me 2 simple exercises to do over the following 3 weeks which simply entailed moving my shoulder blades together in my back and to lift my arm from my hip to a horizontal position whilst keeping it straight and tensing against an elastic ribbon held under my foot (0-90 degree GHJ abduction with theraband).

At the end of the 3 weeks  I was able to do more work with my arm without causing any great pain as long as I was careful . I had a further 2 appointments with Nicole over the next 4 weeks during which time she gave me stronger elastic ribbons the odd shoulder strap/tape (to provide proprioceptive feedback) and some ultrasound on the muscle (supraspinatus).

After these final treatments I was able to resume swimming and I am able to swim front crawl  for a good 30 minutes without causing any irritation in my shoulder. Its been over 3 months since this treatment and I have felt  hardly any discomfort at all in my shoulder although I am aware of not over stressing it , the simplicity of the treatment has been amazing and I am very grateful to Nicole for this.

Regards Lloyd Major

The Physiowizz team would like to thank Lloyd and other patients who have taken the time to share their experiences to help physiotherapists learn and inspire others.





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