Patients helping patients

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Heres some tips one of my patients wanted to pass on to other patients this week! Kind thanks to Steve for his contributions and permission to use on the site to help others. Have you got a patient story? Please send to

What key things helped you to recover with physio and what would you recommend to other patients with also experienced back pain?

Patients helping patients

1. Dealing with the pain and allowing you to continue during the session, as allowing you to manipulate muscles and access trigger points, helped almost immediately, even if sore for a short time after the session.

2. Listening when you say use common sense when doing home exercises. I.e. Pushing myself further if no pain, but stopping if it is painful.

3. Continuing with home stretches and exercises, even if it doesn’t feel like its necessary, as noticed a big improvement week to week.

4. Being honest about where the pain is and what brings the pain on, as each time I explained what brought something on, you were able to work out what was causing it.

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