Physio: Five books you can’t do without!

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Off to Uni? Get prepared!

With September drawing closer you may be thinking about the looming start of your physiotherapy degree. Where ever you have chosen to go you are sure to have an amazing time and indulge in both the learning and partying environment! Here’s four books you can’t do without that got me through my university days.

1 . Gray’s anatomy..

is essential and don’t panic when you look at the first paragraph and have to google every single word to find out the meaning. Anatomy is hard but you will get it. Repetition is key with visualisation and using a combination of books and other tools is a great way to start. Something I wished I’d bought in the first year but got as a post grad is a skeleton (Great early christmas present). This has helped me hugely with anatomy and understanding where muscles lie, nerves pass through and ligaments connect. Blue tac and string are great for practicing origins and insertions of muscles or the course of nerves.

2. Cardiorespiratory – Alex Hough

Cardiorespiratory involves a lot of chemistry, understanding blood gases, the lungs and how oxygen is transferred around the body. It is hard going at first but a great reference book which covers a wide range of conditions. I found this book useful for advising on positioning, breathing equipment and other physiotherapy techniques..

3. Emergency physiotherapy

This book is worth its weight in gold. Perfect for placements as a quick reference and my survival guide throughout university.

4. Pocket Guide to Physiotherapy

This book offers a quick reference for muscle origins/insertion, treatment names, nerve roots, special tests, blood gases and much more. a great one to have at practicals and lectures to prompt your memory!

 5.Musculoskeletal Assessment

Great reference for musculoskeletal examination. List of order of examination, special tests and specificity of each test.

6. You should also look into a Neuro physiotherapy book however I would recommend asking you tutors as there are varying opinions of the different books out there.


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