Physio Focus. What can I expect at university?

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What will be expected of me on my first day?

On the first day you usually meet in a lecture theatre and they give you an outline of the course, its structure and how it will be formatted.

Most courses combine:

  • Lectures (where you sit listening to presentations usually by powerpoint)
  • Seminars (Small groups where you discuss and work through tasks)
  • Practicals (Larger groups where you will practice skills, handling and treatment techniques)
  • PBL’s ( Depending on your course problem based learning is where you examine a problem and work as a group to provide a solution to a scenario. For example they may give you a case and you will work through what key points you need to be aware of, what things you need to learn and research and what evidence supports your treatment strategy)
  • Placements (Work based placements in various specialities)
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What will I need to bring?

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Make sure you have a note pad and pen to take notes. As time goes on you will usually be given access to online lecture notes. I would strongly recommend printing these out before each lecture so you can annotate and note. This is hugely beneficial for when you come to revise, to organize your notes and find them. Buy a few folders for each speciality (ie cardio/neuro/msk). I didn’t get to grips with this until my finally year and my life would have been so much easier when revising had I done it from the word go.


Will it be hard to meet people?

No. Everyone is in the same boat and social boundaries change at university. Everyone is extremely friendly and there are lots of nights to help you meet people. The best thing is no one knows you so you can let go of any stigma of school and branch out of your usual friends group to meet people from all walks of life.


Will I have to take my clothes off?

In practical sessions you will need to undress occasionally. Get some decent shorts and a sports bra/tank top to make yourself feel more comfortable.


How much should I be working outside of contact hours?

Each university is different ask your lecturers for specifics. The more you do the better you will do in exams/as a physio following uni.

For more info on uni, books to by, tips, what to expect CLICK HERE

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