Physiotherapy Placement Ghana

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Ever wanted to work as a physiotherapist abroad? Check out this blog of a physiotherapy junior!

Africa 2009

“In 2009, fresh out of university I set off for a travelling adventure that would provide me with memories that I hope to stay with me forever. As my dad had watched me leave for the second time , my belongings upon my back, and his face showing no less worry than the first time I’d ventured off to far away lands. The blog below describes my feelings and experiences through my eyes. I look back on the 3 months fondly. Part of my life that I’m glad has happened but that I probably wouldn’t want to repeat. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone has led to some of the most incredible moments of my life and I hope this blog encourages you to do the same. Find your way whether it be Africa, South America or at your local hospital. Open your mind and embrace those moments that make you feel uncomfortable, learn from them and share what you have learn’t with others.”


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” Ghandi



“When i arrived back to the host house i slept well waking at 5.30 to the sound of ghana getting up! People were cleaning and shouting and washing and all sorts. the weekend was spent catching up sleep, reading, becoming acclimatised and finally having my first strip shower. it was lovely is was so cool. its so hot here! On monday the tap was running which i was really excited about but couldnt bring myself to try it as felt this would b a waste!”

“Today i treated an amputation I found her laying on the floor because she was scared she would fall out of bed. Her wound was undressed and touching the floor. She is 3 DAYS post op.”

Highlight of the week was buying all ban in accra absolutely love it positively addicted and also some long life milk! whoop whoop. The weather is so hot i’ve almost forgotten what it must feel like to to be constantly sweating(gross!) The host family bought an OVEN this week so i got thorughly over excited and think i may try and cook them an english/ghanain roast if i can find enough vegetables! the diet has got slightly better and im trying to get them to buy more fruit.


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