Smoking: When will there be a change?

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You have a right to destroy your lungs but why should I have to experience 200 poisonous chemicals, 43 of which an cancerous every time you have a drag?

I will remember NYE 2013 for all the wrong reasons. I proved extremely unpopular when I lost my temper at five of my good friends after a great night out at a club. We all returned back to the flat and they began smoking inside. I come from an affluent area, I went to an average, state school, all of my friends have been to university. My point is they are EDUCATED yet they still have no qualms about the damage they are doing to their lungs and mine.

Please take the time to read this great inservice training and if you smoke maybe take a thought about others around you and not just yourself. With so many alternatives theres no excuse.

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