CSP South Central Meeting 10th September

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South Central Meeting 10th September

An informative, worthwhile South central meeting was held at West Berks Community Hospital, Thatcham this Tuesday (10th September). Always a great opportunity to network and share ideas we started off with Rachel Newton (CSP Public Affairs and Policy Officer) who discussed the new governing bodies and changes occurring within the UK structuring. Rachel dazzled us with a creative new presentation tool which helped to visualise the changes (be sure to check out on the CSP website )

photo credit: Wi2_Photography via photopin cc

The new structuring within the NHS is important for both private practitioners and those working within the NHS to offer a level of understanding on who will be commissioning, opportunities for new roles and the importance of promoting physiotherapy services.  A huge point to come out of the presentation is that decisions will be made locally, perhaps by people who may not necessarily understand the value of physiotherapy. Although we are not normally that vocal these changes will need us, as physiotherapists, to explain the value of our services to those decision makers who may not necessarily know the long term cost effectiveness of physiotherapy. The CSP are working hard from the top however a greater impact will be made if every physiotherapist takes time to deliver this message and spread word, display ‘Physiotherapy works posters ‘ and protect services. On a more positive note Rachel explained that although we need to work hard to protect our services there will be new sources of funding available through some of these new bodies.

We then split into groups to thought shower some ideas on which services we could use to engage differing groups and what outcome measures we could use to try and prove our value and reflect our services.

Outcome measures

  • Family/Friends test.
  • Hospital length of stay
  • Re-admission scores
  • Reduce premature death (Death rates)
  • PPI/satisfaction survey
  • QST


Tea and coffee break was extremely popular and allowed the thirty or so attending time to network and share ideas, a fantastic opportunity to meet others within the area. There was a fair representation of both private and NHS physios however I still felt that some areas were under represented and thought that Junior physiotherapist would have got a lot out of the discussions and experience of more senior voices.

The second presentation came from Jill Gillepsie (talking on behalf of Kirsty Harris) from RBH about an exciting new pre-op screening tool for verso shoulder replacement. The team were finding that some patients had poor outcomes following these surgeries so the team designed a tool to predict whether the patient was appropriate for this type of surgery. The tool consists of 5 indicators which use a traffic like system as to whether surgery is advisable or not. This was my perception of the tool and I would encourage all those interested to contact Kirsty or Jill directly fore full information.

It looks at whether they:

  • Have good deltoid function?
  • Do they have good comprehension of the surgery/rehab regime?
  • Are able to carry out daily post op deltoid rehab programme?
  • Ability to avoid contraindications following surgery (ie dislocation)?
  • Ability to attend physio following surgery?


The benefit of the tool is that it enables any care needs to be identified early and highlights discharge planning where needed. It also identifies the patients that may not be suitable for surgery to allow the patients to be educated in the difficulties they may face following surgery should they not be able to answer yes to the above questions. The traffic light system allows physiotherapist to identify whether the patient is ‘red’ not suitable for surgery ‘amber’ may have some difficulties or ‘yellow’ suitable.

Finally we received a talk from Cate Leighton (Rep to Council) who explained an exciting opportunity for a physiotherapist to get involved in the 2017 elections.  She discusses the benefits of the role which involved significant reading however have allowed her to have access to the latest government changes and attend meetings with influential healthcare professionals to allow our voices to be heard. The role contributes to CPD, gives a high level of understanding of UK health structuring and CSP corporate planning.

If you have been feeling frustrated at recent changes within the CSP or national changes then perhaps it is time to stand up and correct it from the inside rather than complaining that ‘others aren’t doing enough.’

She discussed some interesting points that the CSP are addressing:

  • Links between Age UK and the CSP
  • Practicalities of physios being able to prescribe pain medication.
  • How to encourage Physios into  AHP roles (ie  8a)
  • Francis report
  • Indemnity arrangements

All in all a very useful meeting and I would encourage others to attend the next one In December. A big thank you to Kim Patterson for her hard work in organising the session and to Rachel, Cate, Jill and Kirsty for preparing the information for us. To sign up to south central please Click here …..




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