How to spend an hour a day on business development!

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How to increase your productivity through learning without the hassle!


My story…

So many people ask me how I work a 60 hour week and still dedicate at least one hour a day to my education and personal development? Over the last 2 and a half years I have grown my practice from a sole trader ( 2 hours a week on my own) to myself and 4 others.

My industry is Physiotherapy and many are daunted at the hours I work but I am lucky enough to still be completely in love with my profession and choose to work these hours. I have always said I want to keep clinical hours so this means fitting in business development can be challenging. We have all been there working ‘in’ the business not ‘on’ the business.

Of course if I want to achieve my dream of having a rehab centre in Devon that offers state of the art treatment to help people thrive and achieve their dreams then I need an efficient business to pay for it!

How I learn about business without having to actually read!

Last year I set a goal to read at least one business book a week. Setting out with great intentions I got through one in my first week.  I blocked out time every day to read but unfortunately this spurt of enthusiasm soon got replaced by pressures to write reports, run house errands or actually occasionally lie in an extra half hour in the morning!

I had already been listening to podcasts on my drive to and from work ( unfortunately 30 minutes in Bristol traffic). I was on a business course and I was listening to a man who has made millions on the internet. At 24 he had funded multiple trips to the USA to learn from the BEST. A penny suddenly dropped, why should I continually be trying to learn everything the hard way? Why not take examples of people who have already walked the path, following in their footsteps, learn from THEIR mistakes and get to my goal quicker!

Of course most of us don’t make time to travel to the USA and there’s a huge financial cost so I started looking for a solution.  I discovered audible through their FREE trial. My first book was ‘The Chimp Paradox.’ Not a business book but one that would help me understand and serve patients better.

They have a 30 day free trial but after that first book I was hooked. I haven’t read properly for 10 years. I now get through an audiobook every 2 weeks.



The first 30 days is free and you then pay £7.99 per month. With this they release a free credit which you can use to buy an audiobook of your choice with. You then download the audiobook to your smart phone or computer. If you want to buy additional book (they are priced accordingly). When I went to the US earlier this year I could take as many audiobooks as I liked with me without the weight in my suitcase all wired into my phone. It was brilliant for the long drives and the flight.  I even got 3 free books from offers !



  • Easy to use
  • Painless education during travel time
  • Access to books instantly ( don’t have to wait for them to arrive)
  • Use when you’re working out, driving or on the tube!

Thats all I’ve got time for but thats my top tip of the day. How I improved my business education for just £7.99 a month 🙂

Click here to find out more about audible


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