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Exemplar 1 – The exemplar CV below gained 2 interviews in private practice.
All exempler CV’s are kindly donated. Purchasing a decent interview and CV book can be useful to secure those dream positions.

 Mary Smith

12 Cowper Road, Redlands, Bristol, BS66NY

                                                                         (picture goes here)

Email: marysmith.Physio@gmail.com

Tel (Home): 0148867888282        (Mobile): 07346326298        D.O.B : 28/10/1985


I am a confident, competent physiotherapist with extensive experience in orthopedics conditions and providing acute care, follow up advice and exercise progressions. 

I currently work in private practice managing a full, varied caseload and exercise classes. This includes regular liaison with consultants on a day to day basis. From this I have gained in depth knowledge whilst developing excellent interprofessional communication skills with the aim of providing high patient satisfaction. I have also benefited from a variety of clinical experience.

My assessment skills are strong and have been consolidated through courses, mentoring within Spire in addition to three months volunteering as a physiotherapist in Ghana.

I consider myself to be a highly motivated and enthusiastic and would love the opportunity to join a forward thinking practice. I hope I can demonstrate the ability to work professionally, flexibly and competently and would welcome the opportunity to prove that.

 I have the commitment and determination to succeed and would make a valuable addition to your team. I am happy to provide both personal and business references.



Working full time Oct 2009 -March 2011, April 2010-current; 37 hours a week with the following roles/responsibilities:

  • Allocating, organising and prioritizing patients within the inpatient team (for 3 physiotherapist and an assistant) and adjusting work stations when necessary.


  • Experience working as an autonomous practitioner treating orthopaedic,  gynaecology and general surgery patients from admission through until discharge.


  • Deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics allowing me to clinically reason treatment plans and progressions.


  •  Treating and assessing risk for a variety of neurological patients including Stroke, Cerebral palsy, Spinal cord injuries and Lower back pain with referring symptoms.


  • Additional Musculoskeletal experience – Volunteering at the Special Olympics, Newquay Boardmasters, local rugby/football clubs (Launceston/Plymouth Argle /Exmouth)  and a local hospital.




I have completed a full complement of student placements (all assessment forms available) including:

  • Trauma and Orthopaedic inpatients (Truro Hospital, Cornwall)
  • Musculoskeletal Outpatients (Tavistock Hospital)
  • Neurological ITU (Derriford Hospital)
  • Respiratory ITU (Derriford Hospital)
  • Musculoskeletal outpatients (Exmouth community hospital)
  • Mental Health (Plymton Hospital)


Oct 2009-Jan 2010 – Ghana volunteering project

Immediately after graduating I spent three months in Ghana volunteering as a physiotherapist to gain patient contact and practical skills in an outpatient setting. It allowed me to demonstrate my proactive learning behaviour and dedication to improving a service. I worked with local people to establish in-service training, patient information groups, home visits, appointment times and patient information sheets. I was able to demonstrate the ability to work independently in demanding situations and also within the multi disciplinary team, organising meetings with doctors and nurses to discuss appropriate physiotherapy referrals and treatment.



2010-2012 – Veterinary Physiotherapy masters (Part time- ongoing)

2006-2009 – Plymouth University,  BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy 2:1

Dissertation: Differences in knowledge of stroke in the elderly, comparing areas of varying socioeconomic status within the South west, and the implementation of this knowledge into daily lives. (Graded 1st)

1998-2005: St.Bartholomew’s school.

4 A-LEVELS – P.E (A) Biology (B) and Textiles (B) and English lit and language (C)

10 GSCEs5 A’s (English, Mathematics, P.E., History and Textiles), 3B’s (Double Science, Geography) and a C (R.E).



  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (Print No. here)
  • Health Professions Council (Print No. here)
  • Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy
  • SOC Orthopaedic course DEC 2010
  • Basic life support/ manual handing/ child and adult protection.



  • I am a keen sports women and enjoy getting involved with volunteering projects
  • Clean driving license.
  • British
  • Good computing skills (including MS Word/MS Excel/SSPS.)



A covering letter for a paediatric (private practice) position. Interview offered.

Dear Katie,


I was extremely excited to see the position offered in frontline for a physiotherapist with a paediatric bias. Currently I am working in an orthopaedic team where I hoped to consolidate my knowledge and skills whilst completing a part time master’s degree. Throughout my gap year and university I was a nanny for three children and knew this was an area that I wanted to specialise in.


I love being around children and enjoy incorporating fun play into my work. I find children extremely rewarding and try to direct my enthusiasm into creating fun games, which will help achieve physiotherapy goals.


Previous employers have complimented me on a friendly nature and the ability to make even the shyest child feel comfortable. My previous jobs have given me the skills to interact with both children and parents to teach games (Little Kickers Football Coach), co-ordinate relatively large groups (fifteen children aged 0-5) and the ability to entertain short attention spans!


I have no family ties so can be extremely flexible with working hours and have never minded putting in extra hours when needed. I would relish the opportunity to work in a forward thinking, fun team with the opportunity to develop within your practice. I am still in regular contact with my previous employers (child based jobs) and would be happy to provide with them as references alongside my latest employer.


Look forward to hearing from you,


Mary Smith


Covering letter sent to varies NHS and private practices. “Whenever I mentioned my Msc in veterinary physiotherapy in NHS applications I was offered no interviews. Once removing this information I was offered two.” One senior felt this was probably because the NHS are less likely to employ someone they expect to leave due to interests in private practice/animal physiotherapy.”


Adress here

Email here

25th October 2010


I am a local physiotherapist looking for a part time position where I can develop my musculoskeletal skills. For the past eight months I have worked at a private hospital treating a variety of orthopaedic and general surgery clients. Before that I spent three months in Africa treating a variety of outpatients, neurological and respiratory patients.

I am a keen sports lady and have experience working pitchside for Launceston, Plymouth Argle development squad and have covered Newbury stag’s team when needed.  My current job demands responsibilities of a band 6 for example organising the caseload for three physiotherapists and working independently on the ward for late cases.

I have experience treating a wide variety of patients including elite athletes and thrive in a challenging environment. I am particularly interested in musculoskeletal conditions and have sound assessment and treatment skills. I am hardworking and due to my outgoing, flexible nature I can fit into a team quickly.

I am a highly motivated with an ongoing commitment to my professional development. I am interested in attending courses to strengthen my treatment toolbox and aim to complete my acupuncture course next year.  I am currently attending a master’s degree in Veterinary physiotherapy, which has helped strengthen my anatomy, palpation and assessment skills. I hope this will demonstrate my commitment to continual professional development as well as highlighting my interest in research and my understanding of the importance of evidence based practice.

As an active member of the community I am often approached for private treatments, I feel I could bring a friendly addition to your team as well as providing a positive image and referral reference in the community.

I have enclosed a copy of my CV for your information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Smith


A recent application for The Women’s England Rugby position. “I was completed under qualified but sent this off anyway. i did not get an interview however felt this may be  a good example to share”


Address goes here

Email goes here

23rd February 2010

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to apply for the position of England Women’s physiotherapist. As a keen sports women this has always been a dream job which, after attending the PSITCC and experiencing team working at such a high standard, inspired me that elite sports physiotherapy presents an exciting, challenging role which complements my ability to work under pressure and to make quick decisions on and off field.

I currently work autonomously within a team of eight, (Manager,  3 physio’s, two coaches, one conditioning coach and two sports therapists) at Newbury rugby club, alongside my private practice work where I am mentored by Phil Harris (ex Barbarians physio). This diverse team requires excellent communication skills on and off the field to all professionals and players including implementing and following up rehabilitation programs.

I have always been passionate about sport and from early in my career been involved in events such as the Special Olympics, UK Boardmasters and local Sports Clubs. I am extremely motivated and have self funded my PSITCC and Acupuncture courses in the last 6 months alongside completing a two-year diploma to develop my knowledge and improve my treatment base.

I would love the opportunity to be part of a team that hosts some of the best medical professionals in their field to learn and keep players to maximum potential at this demanding level. I have no family ties so can be extremely flexible with working hours and have never minded putting in extra hours when needed. I would relish the opportunity to work in a forward thinking, fun team with the opportunity to learn and develop.

Look forward to hearing from you,


Amy White


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