Interview Question: MSK Answers

What are the differences in presentations between adhesive capsultis and impingement in the shoulder?
You have a patient with pain at the front of his knee, what would your thought processes be when assessing/treating him?
You have a patient with whiplash. On their 2nd session they report it be worse. What would you do?
What advice would you give a patient 24hrs after spraining their ankle?
  • RICE
  • Ankle Sprain
Patient came in LBP, shooting pain into R foot, Numbness in upper thighs occurred following lifting of a heavy object at work, How would you manage them?
How would you progress the treatment of a lateral ankle sprain.
A 60 year old Asian lady is referred to you from her GP with ten year history of LBP and increasing difficulty with ADL’s. What would your subj and obj Ax be?
Patient c/o shoulder pain presents to you and after examination you find they are unable to raise their arm above 10°. What do you think has occurred and what is your management?
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