Interview Questions MSK: Answers

Patient presents with lower limb numbness down one side. A patient reports that they have been tripping over their leg of the last few days and is now in urinary retention. What is your management? Now tell us what these symptoms relate to?
Your patient presents with low back pain. a) Talk us through your session, from start to finish b) Now tell us what you would do with a patient whom is    i.  Improving slowly  ii. Not improving

Can you tell us any other non-msk causes of LBP?
  • Infection, tumor, cancer, and visceral referred pain.

Common conditions e.g. OA knee, Frozen shoulder, HIP OA, Tennis Elbow, NSLBP, Differential diagnosis Lx or Cx, Ankle Sprain, ACL/MCL injury, shoulder impingement.
Knee special Qs, Special tests: may be asked to demonstrate too, surgery: shoulder decompression, THR, TKR, Lig repair, treatment post fracture after removal of POT, use of crutches, issuing aids

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