Learning Objective : Orthopaedic rotation

Learning Objectives help formulate goals and record of achievement. The following example shows possible objectives for an orthopaedic rotation.

Learning Objectives (Discussed with senior -place name here)




  • Gain in depth knowledge of surgical techniques for variety of joints. Ie shoulder, hip, knee, ankle observation.
  •  Consolidate knowledge of basic orthopaedic procedures and their  normal post op physio protocol.
  • Develop knowledge of initial assessment and differential diagnosis. Spend time observing consultants for a variety of joints.

Ie Mr Packham (shoulder)

Mr Winson/Hepple (Ankle)

Mr Murray (knee)


Action Plan

  1. Visit surgery and review relevant literature.
  2. Develop evidence based fact sheets for common surgical procedures.
  3. Spend time in consultant clinics



  1. Improve subjective Ax skills.
  2. Improve objective Ax skills
  3. Common problems of each joint


Action Plan

  1. Teaching sessions with seniors.
  2. Reflective writing.
  3. Review of the relevant literature.


Record of learning

Date Time Activity Main points of learning
15/2/11 1.5 hours Observation of OPT PT Acupuncture benefits, contraindications.Dupuytrens splint, exercise restriction.
16/2/11 2 hours Subjective and Objective AX for the knee. Special questionsPractical revision of tests.Revision of anatomy.



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