Problem based learning (PBL) Scenarios

Problem based learning Scenarios

Problem based learning? Look no further!

A wise consultant once said to me ” The more you know, the more you realise you know nothing at all.” As you dip into the world of medicine you will soon realise that in your life time even if you studied 10 hours a day for your entire life you will still be merely dipping your toes in the ocean. You cant know everything and its easier to accept that fairly early on.

However as a physio it is our duty to learn about conditions that we come across to allow us to help and treat those who need us.

Problem based learning is when you take scenarios, discuss as a group and review the surrounding literature to enable you to treat the patient effectively, based on sound clinical reasoning guided by the best available evidence. Through using this approach its helps those who are less experienced with a condition to learn about it and what the best treatment approaches are.

Below are some scenarios/questions that you can work through independently.


Looking for practical scenarios? Find them here.

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