PBL: Lower back pain

PBL: Lower back pain (LBP)

  • List Myotomes
  • List dermatomes
  • Cord symptoms
  • Cauda equina symtoms
  • Referred pain
  • Radiculopathy
  • McKenzie Test
  • Neurodynamic testing
Anatomy and Physiology
  • Revise the nerves of the lumbar spine  and those linked to the leg and relevance to decreased sensation (nauseating/cramping)
  • Revise the lumbar vertebrae and relevance of 24hr behavior (ie morning stiffness)
  • Identify origins and insertions of lumbar muscles (ie erector spinae)
  • Revise full ROM of the lumbar spine.
  • Identify risk factors for LBP
  • Explore relevance of lower leg pain to the back (ie referred pain)
  • Discuss different causes of LBP and possible injury mechanism.
  • Identify possible aggravating and easing factors of back pain and secondary problems such as lower leg pain.
  • Explore beneficial/detrimental exercises such as walking/cycling on lLBP
  • Identify symptoms of LBP.
  • Indications of deep/superficial, dull/sharp, constant/intermittent pain.



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