Women’s Health PBL Scenarios


Scenario 1

Katy had a caesarian section for the delivery of twins 4 days ago. The babies weighed 3 kilos and she reports having been told that she has ‘gapping’ between her stomach muscles. Katy has expressed concern to the staff about how she will regain her muscle tone.

You have been asked to visit her on a post natal ward to assess abdominal muscle function and give her appropriate advice and exercises to assist the return f normal support mechanisms for the pelvis and lumbar spine.


Scenario 2

Mel is 30/40 pregnant and is complaining of right sacro illiac joint pain, which is significantly disturbing sleep. She would appreciate some advice and self help measures that could help her manage her pain. Mel is also anxious to know about positions to adopt during labour to avoid exacerbating the pain in her joints.She wants to regain her fitness postnatally as, prior to pregnancy, she was a count athlete who will be returning to competition.


Scenario 3

Kirsty has been to her doctor because she is very embarrassed that she has started leaking when she coughs or laughs. The doctor has tested Kirsty’s urine and reports nothing abnormal. The problem worries Kirsty so much that she is now unwilling to visit other mum’s in case she wets her self on their furniture. She says that even though she has cut down on her drinks she has to get up to use the toilet 3 times a night. Kirsty is feeling quite depressed by the self inflicted social isolation. You have been requested to provide Kirsty with some exercises and advice to help her with her bladder problems.






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