Physiotherapy FAQ

Physiotherapy FAQ

What is Physio Wizz?

Physiowizz was created by Nicole Jones (MCSP) after recognising a lack of online learning resources ¬†for students whilst studying at university. It aims to share knowledge and discuss new ideas, maintaining effective CPD and help students through exams and into the world as a junior. Other great resources to check out which she discovered since starting her quest for free knowledge are Physio-pedia, the CSP and all the others that can be found on the ‘resources’ section of Physiowizard.

How do I become a physio?

To become a physiotherapist you must complete 3 years of an undergraduate degree at university or 1 year as a MSC in addition to a medical based degree (ie medical sciences). There are also routes now where you can work as a physiotherapy assistant and work and learn at the same time. See The CSP website for more info on this.

How do I put forward information to be displayed on Physiowizz?

Physiowizz appreciates all student/junior/senior learning material (such as inservice training/article analysis/presentations/posters or essays). Without your support the site would not be able to run. It welcomes all material [ including low grades (please display mark with work) as this allows students to see the difference between high level work and low level work]. Please send all to

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