Physiotherapy Placements/ Rotations

What do I need to know before starting a physiotherapy placement or rotation? Nerve racking for anyone but at least we’ve got the information to help you be as prepared as possible!!!

Interested in Placements abroad?

Elderly care placements: At university this was always thought to be one of the least desirable placements however it provides an opportunity to improve someones quality of life and give them independence so that can remain living in their own home. The important conditions to read up on are UTI’s, falls and general orthopaedic surgery. This will help you to get a basic idea of aims for treatment sessions and objective measures that are used to monitor progress.

Placements with the marines: A slightly more glamourous placements may be had with the military or sports clubs. With this you need to do lots of anatomy preparation and utilise the MDT, such as personal trainers to aid your learning. These placements often require that you develop skills of leading classes. Get a few colleagues together and brain storm possible ACL exercises or ankle sprain rehab as these are likely to be injuries sustained in an active job. Practicing and role playing these classes will give you added confidence before your placement.  If any patients are post surgery find the surgeons protocol to make such there are no restrictions.

 Physiotherapy Marine placements


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