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Podcasts are one of easiest ways to learn and hear other expert opinions and tips on how to assess and treat. Download can take seconds and then you have a  list of things for your commute to work, gym session or hungover uni state (Come on we have all been there!!).

Find below a few of the major journals who run their own podcast keeping you up to date on the latest research and lets face it with the growing move towards evidenced based medicine this should be guiding our treatments alongside experience and a large dose of common sense. We have also taken the time to collect some notes to make your life easier!

British Journal of Sports medicine

You can also get all of these through itunes if you are having difficulty to accessing them.

  Revision notes can be found below

Standford University Clinical Anatomy Podcasts

What better way to learn anatomy than sat on the commute to university or whilst at the gym! These are all available free on ITunes just click on podcasts and click ‘Clinical Anatomy Stanford University’


Physio Edge was started by David Pope, an Australian Physiotherapist and the Managing Director of Clinical Edge, as another means to inspire Physiotherapists, provide access to fantastic interviews anddiscussions with world-leading Physiotherapists, and stimulate our thinking about WHY we are Physiotherapists.

With regular blogposts and podcasts, this is a place for the Physio community to share thoughts and come together for some discussion. All are available on itunes just search ‘podcasts>physioedge’

Find more about David Pope here….



The Sports Physiotherapist Podcasts


For More Resources And Easy Online Learning Click Here

Amputation and vascular Information

Other podcasts search in Itunes

MMU Physiotherapy

  • Podcast 1
  • Podcast 2(Exercise physiology)

Learn out loud is also a useful resource. 

Podcasts include:


Australian Physiotherapy Association 

World Health Organisation

Physical therapy Journal

Morphopedic podcasts

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