BSJM Podcast Robert Sallis : Exercise in medicine.

Dr Robert Sallis on the practicalities of exercise is medicine

Dr Robert Sallis (Exercise Is Medicine Advisory Board chairman) offers advice on how to get patients and colleagues engaged with exercise as medicine. Karim Khan (BJSM editor) asks him about his experience promoting this at Kaiser Permanente, and resources and schemes available.

As Dr Sallis is a former president of the American College of Sports Medicine, they also discuss what’s coming up for the organisation.

  • An update on Exercise Is Medicine 0.51
  • How to get started with Exercise Is Medicine 2.00
  • The Everybody Walks scheme 3.00
  • Getting exercise as a vital sign into consultations 4.11
  • Referral resources 6.23
  • How encorporating exercise into healthcare has worked for Kaiser Permanente 11.06
  • The upcoming triathlon conference in Kona 13.30
  • ACSM in 2013 15.57
  • The National Activity Plan in the US 18.49


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Revision Notes

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Section 1
  • Exercise medicine Initiative (2007)
  • Goal: physicians to make assessment and prescription of exercise a standard part of practice. Disease prevention and treatment paradigm.
  • 30 countries launching similar exercise medicine initiatives.
  • Can get tool kit from American college of sports medicine.
  • Value of promoting physical activity – Get ‘America’ walking.


  • Exercise ‘vital sign.’   Take HR, blood pressure, weight, smoker?, BMI, self reported exercise (min/week of exercise).
  • Exercise helpline – refer for obesity/smoker. Can get them information/pedometer.





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