Quizzes: Neck Ax

Quizzes: Neck Ax

  1. What structure/structures would you expect to be at fault if you experiences pins and needles in the thumb?
  2. List all neck ROM you would assess?
  3. What is the first central process that you are able to palpate when allowing your hands to travel caudally (towards the feet) from the occiput?
  4. Draw a picture of the levator scapula and practise palpating this muscle.
  5. What structures do the upper limb tension tests stress and how would you differentiate between the two?
  6. Which VBI test is controversial?
  7. List the red flags for a neck assessment and potential causes of their presence.
  8. Practice an assessment on a colleague. Reflect – write down 3 things that were good, 3 that could be improved and then ask them to feedback too. Repeat the exercise with the appropriate improvements/adjustments.
  9. What are yellow flags?
  10. What reflexes should you check in the Upper limb? (Be sure to note their neural innervations)

All answers can be found on the website. Try to work it out you will learn a lot more!! If you are really struggling type the key word into the search box (top right).

Neck Ax

Neck Conditions


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