Quizzes: SCI: Overview

Quizzes: SCI: Overview

  1. What does SMART stand for in regards to SMART goals?
  2. What is the best predictor of independence in SCI?
  3. How is neurological level assessed?
  4. What nerve innervates the diaphragm?
  5. What activities could you expect a C4 tetraplegia patient be able to achieve?
  6. What does lattissimus dorsi contribute to (in terms of activity)?
  7. Describe the two important roles of pectoralis for SCI transfers and movement ?
  8. If there is paralysis of the serratus anterior what dysfunction will occur to the scapula?
  9. What is a tenodesis grip? What level SCI can you achieve this?
  10. What are the key muscles innervated at C6?
  11. What are the key muscles innervated at C7?
  12. What activities can you expect a person with  C8 tetraplegic SCI to achieve?
  13. What is the key muscle innervated at T1?
  14. Can patients with lumbar and sacral paraplegia expect to walk?

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