Student/Professional Physio Blogs

Blogs can be a great way to learn, share and develop. Find a list of people already sharing ideas and helping to push out professional forward by challenging, reflecting on their own practice but also utilising technology to help us (in healthcare) keep up with other professions.

Top 5 Healthcare Blogs –

The top 5 healthcare blog list is based on number of hits, presence on social media, quality of content and dedication to continued professional development. There will always be at least one student/recent graduate blog included. Want more exposure for your blog? Email or tweet @Physiowizz

  1. Mike Reinold (The pop ups are annoying but you don’t have to sign up to read the blog)
  2. Body In mind (@bodyinmind)
  3. Physiotherapy New Zealand – These include 8 mini blogs including a cardiorespiratory blog. (@physioNZ)
  4. RunningPhysio  (@tomgoom) – Written by Tom Goom, senior Physio at The Physio Rooms Brighton
  5. Lucy Cocker (@LCphysio)

Want your blog listed?  Simply add a link to our site on your blog and we’ll return the favour.  Tweet your address to @physiowizz or send a message to If its of a good standard we’ll add you.


Innovation from Nottingham Uni – Be sure to check out full details on physio-pedia

“The modern health care professional is someone who is so much more than simply a great clinician, carer, and reasoner. Health care and health education now firmly exist in the world of social media, and this WILL only increase. As a modern manual therapist you will develop skills of communication that will enhance your position as a health care professional an allow you to engage in the fast, dynamic, exciting and professional world of health in social media. We at the University of Nottingham aim to facilitate all of our students to acquire these skills and become part of the very forefront of knowledge dissemination, discussion and professional advancement in social media. This assessment forms part of that journey.”

Student blogs


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