Need to brush up on Anatomy? Learn here….

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Check out our anatomy section where you can learn about muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves.




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Spinal Cord Injury: Great learning Resource for Neuro Physio’s!

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Spinal Cord Injury: Great learning Resource for Neuro Physiotherapists!

How Physiowizard has not discovered this gem sooner I’m not sure but…….


The aim of this resource is to provide comprehensive information on SCI management to students and clinicians from all medical and paramedical disciplines involved in SCI care. The educational resource comprises 7 modules each consisting of various sub-modules. The “Overview for the whole team” module provides basic information of SCI Management for all disciplines involved in Spinal Injury Management. Five other modules cater to the needs of various disciplines i.e. Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists / Assistive Technologists, and Psychologists / Social Workers / Peer Counsellors. It is recommended that users go through the first module, “Overview for the whole team” before they access their discipline specific modules. The 7th module provides information on various aspects pertaining to the prevention of SCI.


Free learning modules on (You do need to register first)


These learning tutorials cover:

Bladder/Bowel management, Autonomic Dysreflexia, Postural Hypotension, Pressure Sores, Hetereotrophic Ossification, Living with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), Case Studies, Muscle Levels, Rolling

Horizontal Transfers, Vertical Transfers, Transfers for C6 lesion. Sitting unsupported, Wheelstand, Negotiating steps/slopes in a wheelchair, Implications of paralysis, Tenodesis of UL, Incomplete SCI

Paraplegia,  Partial paralysis, Contractures, Dexterity, Community, Shoulder/Back/Chronic Pain

Evidence based and Peer Reviewed


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Physiotherapy Assessment – Learn now!

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An inspirational lecturer once showed me this brilliant video ! What is the point of treating someone unless you are sure you have the right diagnosis. Everyone can improve their assessment skills.


Improve your physiotherapy assessment skills here!!




The Spine



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So podcasts are up and running!!

Podcasts are one of easiest ways to learn and hear other expert opinions and tips on how to assess and treat. Download can take seconds and then you have a  list of things for your commute to work, gym session or hungover uni state (Come on we have all been there!!).

Click here to find a few of the major journals who run their own podcast keeping you up to date on the latest research and lets face it with the growing move towards evidenced based medicine this should be guiding our treatments alongside experience and a large dose of common sense. We have also taken the time to collect some notes to make your life easier!




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Physiotherapy – Learn Online!!!

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Check out all the learning tools all in one place!

Leran physiotherapy

At long last the site is ‘online’. After a stressful 6 months juggling the real world and the website the assessment section, physiotherapy interview questions and student room are up and running! Please keep checking as the site will now be regularly updated bringing you the latest opinions from top surgeons, physiotherapists and other MDT members.

Physiowizz appreciates all student/junior/senior learning material (such as inservice training/article analysis/presentations/posters or essays). Without your support the site would not be able to run. It welcomes all material [ including low grades (please display mark with work) as this allows students to see the difference between high level work and low level work]. Please send all to Nicole.jones.physio@gmail.com





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