Physio facts of the day: Orthopaedics

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Each patient is different and no two will be the same so you will need to clinically reason each choice. For the following questions consider your patient to be normal with no complications.


  1. What mobility aid do patients usual require Day 1 total hip replacement?
  2. How long is the average length of stay for a patient following a total knee replacement?
  3. You come to see a patient and need to check observations are normal before you get the patient out of bed. What are the normal ranges for blood pressure?
  4. Name four exercises which would be suitable for a Day 1 total knee replacement to begin providing they were a text book case with no complications?
  5. Which leg should the patient place first to help offload the operated leg day 1 Right TKR when using a zimmer frame? 
  6. What movement should be avoided Day 1 ACL?

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