Tips for starting your Physio degree

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The follow offers some insights from a fellow physio of her experiences of university and how to survive!

To Learn


Arrive on time:

If you are working in private practice and you turn up 10 minutes late to see a patient they will not come back to you.  Therefore you will lose business and make less money. Get this right from the start. There is no excuse for being late and this is something you should get into the habit of doing from the word go. Placements will mark you down for being late. Why lose marks for not being prompt?

Be organized:

Get notes printed the night before to avoid stress and not having to make half hearted notes the day after when you’ve forgotten most of the stuff talked about in the lecture. Then file it immediately in a file for that specific module. This will save you at least a week of ‘organizing’ your notes before you start revising. Trust me I was a poor student and only grasped this at post graduate level.

Read notes the night before

If you have already looked at the lecture content it will make more sense. Look up words you don’t understand and cast your mind to bloom’s taxonomy of learning. Repetition is key for learning so revisit the content frequently.


To Grow


Enjoy your first year

Party hard in the first year because you won’t get the opportunity in the second or third. Don’t party too hard otherwise second year will be hell (trust me I know). Don’t be disheartened if you aren’t too sure of your new ‘best friends’ they will probably change within a few months.

Take up something new

University is full of opportunities you may never get again. There’s chances to try new things at a fraction of the cost. Immerse yourself in anything you can and enjoy it. Try ‘never saying no’ for a day and you may, like myself, find yourself with friendly strangers surfing as the sunsets and then chilling on beach as the night draws in.

Get fit and get involved in sport

Taking up sport will give you a break from the stresses of uni work and help you meet new people and friends providing a solid social calendar. It will also help keep you slim as often people put on weight with the typical uni lifestyle  (eating rubbish food and drinking)



To Succeed 

Grab every opportunity

Physiotherapy is a fantastic career but it is sometimes hard to get your foot in the door. Potential employers will be looking for people with something extra on their CV.  Get involved even if you aren’t paid, contact local clubs to see if you can get experience, volunteer at events and keep posted with Physiowizz for an opportunities that may be available.



Get projects done a week before due date

The amount of times I found myself a week away and panicking! Just get it done early then you can relax, chill out and won’t feel guilty. If you miss a deadline at uni there are tough consequences and you mark will be capped. Just get it done.


Be safe

Control your beverage intake. Your ‘new best friends’ may not look after you and you may not be familiar will your surroundings yet. Many people feel university is all about drinking. Drinking can be fun but don’t be bullied into it buy a coke and say its got vodka in it if people give you stick!

Don’t walk home alone, stay in well-lit areas and go to parties with others you know. Safety in numbers! Look out for rape alarms at the freshers fair which can be a great comfort if walking alone.


This is an amazing time in your life and will be so much fun. Just enjoy, absorbed as much information as you can and work hard to ensure you get as much out of it as possible.

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