Tips for using social media

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Tips for using social media.

Don’t add people into social network unless they are within your close friends groups. Do you really want your work colleagues, patients or relatives of patients seeing what you ate at the weekend, a picture of your pet or throwing up on your freshers week?

Avoid posting content that may link to a patient. Do not use any specifics about a case, you should never need to use name/etc anyway! If posting anything on any specifics get written permission or document verbal consent in the notes and explain to the patient where the information will be disclosed. Remember confidentiality.

Check your settings.  Make sure you have maximum privacy on your social media settings. Why do a bunch of strangers need to see that stuff anyway?! Remember facebook keeps all your pictures for up to 7 years after you delete them!!

Be careful how you conduct with others. Comments that people make about you or your business can affect your reputation (defamation). Be very careful of this as people are often more opinionated when speaking from behind a safe computer.

Social marketing has been found to be more effective if you have 3 strong presences rather than being on hundreds of social media sites.

IMO Position Paper on Social Media(2013)

 Read more from a fantastic paper found here…

Also available… guidelines from the CSP

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