Wakeboarding – Sport Specific Series

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Wakeboarding – Sport Specific Series

Summer is coming! Different sports stress the body in different ways and its important to know your sport.
1. Watch this video.
2. List the core stabilising muscles and are vital in co-ordinating the mid air twist of the ‘Whirley bird’.
3. List 2 functional restrictions which may make this trick more difficult to achieve (ie reduced strength of/reduced ROM of……)
4. List 3 exercises which may help benefit the athlete to achieve this trick.

5. Post answers. Do not be afraid of ‘wrong answers’ this is an opportunity to learn. Results will be formulated and put up into a new page which will be displayed in the ‘sports specific’ section of the website.

Big love to Carro Djupsjo who’s own website is   http://www.wakecarro.com/ she also coaches around the world in between competitions.

If you have any questions you would like to ask her about her sport or training regime let me know and I will try to get an interview!

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